Let’s Talk About Books!

Hey friends! Today I want to bring up something that is very important to me, and I think should continue to be a priority for all of us: reading. I love to read! I’m a huge bookworm, and have been since I was a little kiddo. When I was young, a lot of my first books came from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, an amazing organization that you can read more about here. This organization allows you to donate money so that they can continue sending free books to kids everywhere or even register a kid you know to receive books.. I think it is crazy important to encourage kids to read and explore through the world of books.

This past week, the FBLA chapter that I’m involved in at my high school organized a book drive for kids. The plan is to donate the books to the organization Clothe Our Kids to go along with the bags of clothes that this wonderful organization collects and donates to local kids who may be less fortunate than us. I’m so proud of my chapter for getting involved in this, and it inspired me to make a post to hopefully get all of you involved in some way and encourage you to find a way to donate books for kids!


First stop was the Book Inn on the Fayetteville Square.

With the help of my mother and my grandmother, I was able to purchase many new books, as well as donate some well-loved books from my sister’s collection for this drive. I first stopped by my local bookstore, The Book Inn, to browse their section of children’s books. I found a great collection of  Dr. Seuss and Little Golden Books, both some of my childhood favorites! bookinn2


That same day, My friend and I took a little trip to Huntsville and decided to stop by Barnes & Noble, the end-all be-all of chain bookstores and check out their kids’ section. We ended up playing around on their reading stage and it was just like being a little kid again!




Who doesn’t love reading to puppets? 🙂

So, to end this post, I want to give some ways that maybe you can get involved. Wherever you are, find somewhere where you can donate something, whether it be books, clothing, or your time. If you can’t find or access local organizations, there are websites where you can donate as well. Donor’s Choose allows you to give any amount to help fund teachers and their classrooms. Milk and Bookies allows you to either donate an amount of money or even organize your own book drive in your area to provide books to kids in need.

I want to again thank my parents, grandmother, and FBLA chapter for giving me an opportunity to contribute to a cause I believe in, and thank you guys for reading!


Stay sweet, Sophia ❤


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