Signs Of Spring (collab with rosefullyriley!)

Hey, friends! Happy March! While in some places (like where I live) it may not feel like spring, it’s definitely getting to be that time! Even though we’ve gone from 75+ to below freezing in one week here, there are still some undeniable signs of Spring everywhere! Today I wanted to talk about some of my absolute favorite indications of this season, and also wanted to bring in a little collab action with my friend Riley from RosefullyRiley! Go check out her blog to see her favorite fun things to do in spring + more photos! We had a great time having a little photoshoot and finally enjoying some nice weather!

1. Spring into Style!

Obviously, my very favorite sign of this season is all the bright, girly clothes that come back right around this time of year. I am a sucker for all pastels (especially pink) to begin with, so I just have to show that love during the Spring. This outfit is one that I’ve loved rocking so far this season, and I love all of the pieces in it! These earrings are definitely one of my favorite picks right now, and this shirt was such a great find at Old Navy! And of course, I was super excited to snag these adorable frayed jeans at a local boutique. They’re just the right cropped length for us tall girls and they have a high waist (which I love!)

2. Blooming Trees

While I couldn’t tell you the names of these trees, I do know that they are my absolute favorite and make me so happy every time I see one by the road. The pink blossoms are so pretty and they honestly make for the loveliest photos!

3. The sun has come out! (Between the rainy days)

Although a lot of the Spring is rain, rain, and more rain, there are several days that come around that are just full of sunshine! Those days are the best, and it makes me so happy to see the sun after so many months of gloom.

4. Rainy days can be fun too!

On the complete opposite point from #3, rain can be fun! While it’s disappointing when you can’t enjoy the 60 degree weather or wear your favorite sandals, splashing in puddles is a blast! My go to on a rainy day right now is my Jadelynn Brooke Pom-Pom hoodie, which you can score for yourself here. It’s currently on sale, plus you can use my code SPHS for 15% off your order! This hoodie is so so comfy, and it’s perfect for those lazy rainy days where all you want to do is lounge around!

5. Everything is Growing and Thriving!

My absolute favorite glimmer of hope for Spring are the beautiful plants that pop up everywhere you go! For our photoshoot, we took a little trip to the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville, AL. The grounds there are absolutely stunning no matter the season, but with all of their flower beds and trees in full bloom, Spring is the perfect time to visit the gardens. You can view their website here, where you can see upcoming events, attractions, and even how to donate or volunteer! Some of their awesome opportunities are Spring break camps, classes, and plant sales!

Thanks to everyone for reading, and I hope you all begin to find hints of Spring wherever you are!

stay sweet, Sophia ❤

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