thankful for this season !!

Hey friends! As the fall season is starting to come to a close and Christmas time is coming upon us, I wanted to just make a little post of my favorite parts of Fall and what I’ve been thankful for this season. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, and I always love seeing all of the colors change!

One of my most favorite parts of fall is going to pumpkin patches and orchards. I have several of these near me, and my family always makes sure to go every year. This year we went to Isom’s Orcahrd in Athens, AL, just to try something new. They had the cutest little pumpkin patch set up, with tons of photo ops!

They had so many different kinds of pumpkins to choose from, from huge ones down to the little tiny pie pumpkins.

My sister and I couldn’t help but sit down to play with this precious little pumpkin checkers set!

I just had to take a picture with this sign, it cracked me up!

We also always have to go by Scott’s Orchard to get some of their cider, my favorite fall treat! It’s the best I’ve had, and I look forward to it every fall. I also can’t help but grab one of their cider slushees every time I go, it’s just too tempting! They also sell honey, apple cider vinegar, apple and peach pies, and so many more things all made locally.

This season, I also wanted to have a photoshoot outside to show off some of the beautiful scenery around my house. So, Mom and I fixed up a little fall picnic and I put together my favorite outfit for this fall, and we headed to my neighbors house for her beautiful trees. The pictures turned out better than I could’ve thought, and it was so much fun (despite the freezing temperature).

My hat and sunglasses are from Target, and I just love their retro vibes! My super cute sweater is from Leaf in Creek in Parkway Place Mall, my absolute go to!

The mug of hot apple cider from Scott’s made the cold wind just a little bit more bearable!

As I close, I want to share just how thankful I am this season, and always. My community and friends and family have been through a lot of hardship and loss this year, and it’s been tough. I’m so thankful for the closeness of the community I get to grow up in, and I’m thankful for its ability to draw together in hard times. I am always grateful for my family, but especially so right now. My grandmother is getting to come to our house for Thanksgiving, which is so special while she is fighting cancer. I’m so glad I get to see her and spend time with her that I wasn’t sure I would get.

I’m also super grateful for my readers and all the support I get on this platform! Thank you so much for reading, have a happy Thanksgiving, and remember to not take anything for granted!

Stay sweet, Sophia ❤


  1. You’re literally the cutest and such a good blogger! And whoever took all your pictures is a bomb ass friend bc they took some good ones! I’ll be following along with you and your journeys and I can’t wait to read about all of them!


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