Golden State of Mind

Hey friends! This week’s post is all about my very favorite color. The color of sunshine, buttercups, and pineapple smoothies…. that’s right, this week’s post is all about YELLOW! Ask anyone close to me, yellow is a big part of my life. At least a fourth of my closet is full of a range of sunny shades, I carry my bright yellow Hydroflask everywhere I go, and I even nicknamed my boyfriend sunshine. This color is just so happy, how could you not love it??

So, I decided that I would dedicate a whole post to the color yellow, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

yes, all of these items of clothing were in my closet. No, it’s not even half of my complete collection of yellow. In this post, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite yellow clothing items, foods, and just about anything else in my favorite hue!

I love how this little striped tee and my thrifted Patagonia bag pop against this tin wall 😍 If you have any Plato’s Closets near you, I fully recommend them for updated, trendy secondhand finds. Both this tee and bag are from my local Plato’s Closet! I found some super cute locations to shoot in Oldetown in Downtown Madison and I can’t wait to have some more shoots there!

Let me just preface this by saying these pictures were taken on my iPhone 6, without any extra light, snapped in less than 5 minutes in my grandmother’s yard. I used Lightroom and VSCO on them, and voila, my absolute favorite pictures! Seriously guys, I’m so thankful to my mom for being the bestest photographer E V E R!

This super cute wrap style dress was thrifted from my local Goodwill store! I love thrifting, there’s so many unique things to be found 🤩

And aren’t the yellow blooms on this forsythia bush just the prettiest? My favorite time of year is when those are in full bloom. (But be careful, the wasps love them too)

I had so much fun getting to wear all of my yellow out and about and finding fun backgrounds to shoot with…

I knew I had to do a shot that showed off my full collection (or at least the bulk of it). I think this is probably the prettiest clothesline I’ve ever seen with the yellow shirts all in a row!

One of my FAV comfy yellow shirts is my Local Cafe tee. This is my favorite restaurant located right on the Fayetteville square, and is completely locally owned! They have the yummiest sandwiches, and if you’ve never had their sweet potato fries with (local!) honey, you are severely missing out! You can find them on Instagram at @thelocalcafetn!!

While on my hunt for shoot locations, I finally convinced mom to stop at The Juicery Press in Huntsville, somewhere I’d been begging to go for at least a year.

I had been dying to try their in-house, organic, cold-pressed juice and this one was the obvious choice– it’s called the “Liquid Sunshine”! I mean how adorable is that??

Also, if you can get there in the next week or two, their April smoothie bowl is the Sunshine bowl– full of yummy pineapple, orange, and mint goodness!

I hope this post made y’all just as happy reading it as it made me while I wrote it! Yellow is such a universally happy color, and I know it always cheers me up. Thank you all for reading, and please stay tuned both here on the blog and on my Instagram @smalltownsophia!

Stay sweet, Sophia ❤


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