Most Snack-able Spots in HSV

Hi friends! For my first post of 2020, what could be better than a post highlighting all the super yummy snacks all over Huntsville? I can’t think of a single person I know that doesn’t have a deep appreciation for a good pastry or a fresh smoothie bowl, so I hope this list can introduce you to a few new spots to try out!

The Moon Bakeshop

First on my list is a fairly new-to-me spot in the heart of downtown HSV. As soon as my mom showed me their Instagram, I knew we’d have to stop by.

We ended up stopping later in the afternoon, so we didn’t have access to their full selection of baked goods, but the ones we did find were simply scrumptious. My mom and I couldn’t help but to indulge in a cinnamon honey scone (which we declared the best scone we’d ever had) and a French jam sandwich cookie.

The decor inside was simple and perfect for an Instagram phot op (which I’m sure you know I’m a sucker for). I can’t wait to go back and give their coffee a try. I might also have to pick up one of those rocket-inspired sugar cookies too!

Just Love

Just Love Coffee Cafe has been on my list ever since I saw construction start, and I was so excited when I heard the good news of its opening. First things first, this place is the absolute cutest, from their giant waffle and rocket shaped lights to the potted succulents on every table.

There was plenty of seating and space for dining or working. My mom and I sat at one of the bar tables by the big windows and enjoyed some people watching with our coffee. For the star snack of this spot, I’d have to spotlight their Toffee Coffee latte, which has caramel and toffee nut flavoring, and their blueberry waffle scone.

The latte had a great dessert–y flavor without being too crazy sweet, and the waffle scone was delicious. Apparently a trademark of Just Love is their many menu items that are cooked in the waffle iron, which I just love.

Alchemy at the Camp

Alchemy holds a very special place in my heart because it’s the very first place where I was able to get a latte with latte art and a smoothie bowl. As you can probably tell, I’ve been in love ever since.

Their smoothie bowl is perfectly simple and not too sweet, with a basic açaí base, fresh fruit, and my personal favorite part: cocoa nibs. If you go get their smoothie bowl, just make sure you don’t stain your favorite white sweater like I did 🙂

Their avocado toast is another favorite of mine, probably the best I’ve ever had. (And that’s saying a lot; I’ll order avo toast almost everywhere I go). It all starts with a toasted slice of rosemary bread topped with avocado mash and a runny fried egg. They finish it off with a mountain of sprouts and fresh pico de gallo, and they always serve it with a side of fresh fruit. This toast is my favorite pick-me-up.

Good Company Cafe

We stumbled upon this cute little place one day when we were looking for photo ops for a Leaf in Creek shoot, and I am so glad we did. Good Company has such a cozy atmosphere; my mom and I enjoyed our coffee and snacks plopped down in armchairs!

The spotlight for this cafe is definitely on their European breakfast plate. The plate includes toast, muesli (or granola), soft cheeses, apple slices, salami, strawberry jelly, honey butter, and a fried egg (substituted in for a pickled egg). This is my favorite kind of breakfast where you can taste several different things in one seating, and this plate is also perfect for sharing. Plus, it’s gorgeous, don’t ya think?

Mason Dixon Bakery

This next item on the list is for all my gluten-free friends. Mason Dixon is a 100% gluten free building, so it’s perfect for anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions that still want a cute coffee shop experience.

I enjoyed their paleo latte (made with almond milk and honey) and a super tasty GF red velvet cupcake! Along with cases of fresh baked goods and a full menu of meals, Mason Dixon also sells goods like bags of gluten free biscuits, flour, and cookies that you can take home. It’s a wonderful, tasty, inclusive spot!

Honest Coffee Roasters

For me, Honest Coffee is home of the best smoothie bowls in Huntsville. They always have several different flavors with tons of toppings, and often they have special seasonal bowls too. My personal favorite was a bowl that they had over this past summer that featured Scott’s Orchard peaches as a topping. Fun fact: Scott’s Orchard is in my hometown! This bowl was a healthy alternative for other sweet snacks, and I can’t wait to go back to have more.

Oh Crepe! At Stovehouse

This place is a fairly recent addition to Huntsville, along with the rest of the restaurants at Stovehouse. I tried this place out on a whim one day, and I was blown away! I had the Crazy Berries Crepe with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and a chocolate drizzle and I enjoyed every. Single. Bite. The service was amazing, the atmosphere was super casual and friendly, and the crepes are one of my new favorite snacks. I love to see all the diversity coming to the food scene in HSV!

Gold Sprint Coffee

Gold Sprint was such an awesome and unique experience. The decor has super funky vibes and it seems like a really great hangout spot or a nice place to get some work done. I’m always on the lookout for study spots for college next year 🙂

I, being the silly teenage girl I am, had to order their Galaxy Latte because I just couldn’t pass up on how cool it looked. I mean it had glitter on it, for goodness’ sake. The latte itself was made of a floral tea, and I thought it was a great update to a traditional latte. I’d love to go back and try some more of their unique coffees and snacks.

Bigfoot’s Little Donuts

I think I can officially say that I saved the best for last on this list. If you don’t listen to a single other word I’ve said, please please PLEASE go try some Bigfoot’s Little Donuts. I promise you will thank me later. They are completely locally owned and actually started out as a food truck. I myself am actually not the hugest donut fan, but Bigfoot’s has made a donut lover out of me yet. The minis are the perfect bite size and they have so many unique flavors that rotate often, including some of my top favorites like apple butter, blueberries and cream, and my hands-down number one, maple flapjack. Maple flapjack is literally a fresh, buttery pancake in donut form. How could you not love it?

I will never ever stop hyping Bigfoot’s up because you literally can’t go wrong there. Trust me, just go once and you’ll be hooked.

On that note, I wrap up my collection of the best snack spots in the Huntsville Area. I’ve hopefully covered everybody’s taste, from lattes to smoothies to tiny donuts. I personally love each and every one of these places and I strongly recommend them to everyone I know. So, next time you’re on the hunt for a tasty bite in Huntsville, keep this list in mind!

Thank you all for reading! I’m forever thankful for all the love and support this blog brings me. I hope you all have had a wonderful 2020 so far. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on my Instagram! Also, if you know of any good spots I haven’t mentioned, please let me know so I can try them out!

Stay Sweet, Sophia ❤