summer 2021 photo diary

As late fall turns in to winter, I’ve been reminiscing on the warmer months and all their glory. I’ve shared some of my summer adventures on the blog already, but wanted to make sure none of these moments slipped through the cracks.

without further ado, a summer in photos:


saw some pretty spectacular sunsets
went to the Franklin Renaissance Festival for the first time!
explored the grounds of Castle Gwynn
dressed up for the fest and felt like fairies for the day


re-read my favorite book ever. literally nothing tops this book.
frequented the farmer’s market, my favorite being the Sunday market at The Camp in Huntsville
went on lots of top-down jeep rides
added these beauties to my collection
visited a new bakery – B’s Salty & Sweet in Columbia, TN
spotted some lovely bathroom graffiti
visited my Aunt’s flower farm in Louisiana
snagged some mini cannolis from Angelo Brocato’s in NOLA. My favorite place on earth
picked a bucketful of zinnias at my aunt’s farm
spent time with little cousins & some Cafe DuMonde beignets
helped craft bouquets for my aunt to sell


went on yet another top-down jeep ride (this time at the beach)
found my new favorite breakfast spot- Java Burrito Co. on Hilton Head Island, SC
saw my fair share of beach sunrises and treasured every single one
wore a lot of yellow by the pool and was pretty happy about the whole thing
read a book on the beach- arguably one of my favorite things to do
went shopping for crystals & treasures
found a new love for Buccee’s… and spent way too much money there
toured my new school 🙂 which i love so so so much


visited Grimey’s for the first time…
…and then a second time
spotted some pretty cool sunglasses at Anaconda Vintage in Nashville
explored Music City with my very favorite people
spent several evenings at the Lowe Mill enjoying art & music
attended outdoor concerts (again with my very favorite people)
heard some pretty great guys play some pretty great music…
…and bought a t-shirt to commemorate it (go listen to Carver Commodore rn!!)

This summer was a whirlwind of big & small adventures, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Thank you for revisiting these memories with me, and make sure you stay tuned for more excitement soon 🙂

Stay sweet, Sophia ❤

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