Making the Most of Self-Quarantine

Hi friends! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with the topic for my next post; I wanted something interesting and engaging and relevant.

So, I decided to write about something that I know is on all of our minds right now: quarantine and social distancing. I know this is a very trying time, and it can be hard to sort yourself out during a chaos like this. However, I think self-quarantine is a great opportunity to try new hobbies, enrich your mind, and bond with your family. Sometimes we are all going so fast in this world and we forget to slow down and enjoy the space we are in.

In this post, I’m going to be sharing some ways that I have been trying to make the most of my social distancing and hopefully some things you all can do to encourage positivity during this difficult time!

Get Creative with a Photoshoot!

I know most of us are used to going and going all the time, and many of us love to go out and take photos everywhere we go. It may seem impossible to get any good Instagram content during quarantine, but this is your chance to get creative! Use cheap props in your house, make use of natural light, or explore your own front yard for perfect photo ops!

Bonus points if you can find some furry friends to tag along πŸ˜‰

Get in the kitchen!

I am an avid stress-baker, so getting my hands dirty in the kitchen has always been my favorite coping method. However, if you’ve never been the Martha Stewart-type, quarantine is the perfect time to build up your skills! With all this time on your hands, you can try new recipes and experiment and you may just find your new go-to dessert!

I recently made scones for the first time, and I literally cannot even tell you how much a recommend this recipe for Lavender & Earl Grey Scones. I used fresh lavender from my plant, which made it all the more fun. This recipe isn’t complicated at all, and its such a dreamy spring dessert!

Spread neighborly love!

My mom and I recently spent a full Sunday morning baking multiple kinds of cakes, cookies, and scones to make up treat plates. We packaged up these plates and delivered them around our community (with a roll of toilet paper each, just for giggles). We were able to spread kindness and cheer without sacrificing our social distancing!

Get Outside!

This is absolutely a huge one for me. I love to hike and explore, and its hard to do that while remaining safe and keeping up with social distance during this time. So its very important to make the most of the space you have! Whether you live on hundreds of acres, have a tiny yard, or are confined to only a balcony, make the most of this space! Fresh air is so important for the mind and body. Sunshine is an amazing mood booster. Getting outside and exploring what you can can make a huge difference in feeling trapped in quarantine.

My family and I have been taking daily walks on my grandfather’s farm, and it’s such wonderful bonding time! I feel so grateful to have such beautiful land available for me.

Pick up a Paintbrush! (Or a pen, or pencil, or…)

I’ve always loved art, and I’ve recently been really getting back into it. My favorite is probably watercolor painting, but I love acrylics and sketching too. Self-quarantine is the perfect time to pick back up with old hobbies or explore new ones! I’ve been able to finish a painting for my wall and I love to take my sketchbook on walks with me. You don’t have to worry about painting perfectly or getting that sketch just right, just enjoy the creative process!

Read Something!

It doesn’t have to be a great literary classic, or even a novel, but read something! If you only have the attention span for short articles (don’t worry, I feel you), The Everygirl is my FAV website for all things beauty, fashion, wellness, and so much more. Whether you prefer a light, funny read or something more thought-provoking, use all this new free time to dive into something new!

Recently I’ve been enjoying God Save the Sweet Potato Queens, something on the light and fun end of the spectrum, and I’m looking forward to starting The Handmaid’s Tale, a deeper read, soon.

Thanks to all of you who are reading! I hope everyone is staying as happy and healthy as possible and making sure to keep yourself and others safe by practicing social distancing. I love all of you and am sending lots of positivity and strength to everyone right now! I hope these simple ideas might inspire a little cheer in your self-quarantine.

Stay sweet, Sophia ❀

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